Significance of Go — Part 5 (Functions and Road to Object-Oriented Programming)


Function demo

Parsing common type of arguments to a function

Common parameter types

Returning errors

Returning an error

Returning multiple values from a function

Returning multiple values and print those values
Error when you do not use a value that has been captured
Replace the variable that you are not using with an underscore

Object-oriented behaviour in Go

package modelsimport (
type Book struct {
Title string
Sold bool
Pages int
func newBook() *Book {
return &Book{
Title: "Title of the book",
Sold: false,
Pages: 0,
func (b Book) printMessage(message string) {
  • In classic object oriented languages, there is a concept called a “class”. In Go, you do not have anything like that. But as shown above, you can make a struct with a name (Book) along with associated properties/attributes (Title, Sold and Pages).
  • In the above code segment, you can see a function named newBook(). This can be considered as the constructor for the class Book.
  • At the beginning of this article, we learned how to define functions in Go. In the above code segment, printMessage() is kind of a function. But actually it is a method, which was bind to the struct Book. So this is how you can create methods for a class in Go.


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