Pop Quiz! Are you looking for guidelines or a way to manage API documentation using WSO2 API Controller (apictl)?

“API Documentation has vital importance!”


Are you a fan of GraphQL APIs and tired of wondering how to expose a GraphQL API in WSO2 API Manager 2.x versions?

Yes, you might think we cannot do it since the GraphQL support was introduced from WSO2 API Manager 3.0.0 onwards. …

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

This is the first time that we are meeting in 2021. I am going to give you a gift for the new year! Are you ready, folks?

It’s New Year’s Eve guys! Who is ready to play a game?

Let’s play,

Pop Quiz! Are you looking for answers to the below questions?

  1. Is the admin the only user role that can perform CI/CD tasks using the WSO2 API Controller?
  2. How hard is to create a custom user (or a user role) who can perform CI/CD tasks via WSO2 API Controller?
  3. Who…


Go only has for loops, not any other types as while loop or do until or etc. But…

Wasura Wattearachchi

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